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Vote Now! is the  SGDA Junior Swiss Game Award 2022 winner
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Vote Now! is a minimalist strategy game. The premise of the game is that you play as a political party aiming to pass a bill in Switzerland by propagandizing to influence voters' opinions. The game plays kind of like Reigns, as in you have a choice of 2 actions that you can pick from at a time. The game works using 3 main variables:

  • Money. This determines if you can buy campaign materials. It can be earned by asking for donations from voters or sponsors.
  • Votes. This determines how much in your favor the vote is going. From 0 (no voting intentions in your favor) to 100 (all voting intentions to your favor), it will be influenced by purchasing add-space, distributing flyers and organizing events.
  • Optics. This determines if your party's image is in good shape or not. It is a modifier to the votes you get. This means that if you have 1.1 optics, it will add 1.1x the amount of votes you would normally get.

I own all of the visual and audio assets. All visuals were made using Aseprite. All audio was made using BeepBox.


Voting Data:

Historical Context & Commentary


Fonts (free to use with attribution):


Vote Now! is a game prototyped in the context of a university programming class called "2D Video Games", supervised by Isaac Pante at the University of Lausanne. In this course, we learned to use KaboomJS, which I am using for this project. It was then further developped outside of this class.

Development log


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very cool!